One Word: 2015

This is my 3rd year choosing one word for the year. Why one word? It’s easier than keeping a list of resolutions & failing to keep them (and then feeling like crap because you didn’t keep them). However picking one word isn’t as easy as it sounds. In fact picking a word for this year wasn’t looking too promising but it did come to me.

I can thank Arleen Spenceley, more specifically her 1st book (Chastity Is For Lovers) for the divine inspiration, specifically chapter 3.


Yeah, I know, what?

Providence (with a capital “P”) is defined as divine guidance or care, God conceived as the power sustaining and guiding human destiny.

My reasoning behind picking Providence as my word, or maybe it picked me, is because I’m going to need Divine Providence and a lot of it this year.

What is it that people say (maybe it was Oprah), if you put it out into the universe it will come to you.

This isn’t going to be one of those words I’ve chosen to live out or live up to (or at least that’s not how I think it’s going to go). Instead I’m putting it out there and hoping it will come to me.

If I’m going to be able to pull off everything that’s on the docket for this year, at least what’s on there so far because I have a funny feeling the schedule is going to fill up even more, I’m going to need a lot of help and maybe a little luck.

I’m not complaining about how busy I’m going to be. I’ve worked hard and waited a long time for this to turn any of it down now that it’s within my reach; although now that it is within my reach it’s daunting, to say the least.

So a little (read: a lot) Divine Providence is in order here.

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