Words & No Pictures

Did you see the movie Words and Pictures? It wasn’t what I thought, but very few things are for me these days. Anyhow…….

In the last few months I’ve been focusing a lot of words. I’m sure this isn’t a surprise to some and quite a surprise to others. I’m a speaker and a writer; my life is words, right? You would think so, but in the last few months I’ve had to be far more intentional with my use of words.

I’ve figured out how to substitute words that have the same meaning but with shorter versions. I’ve also learned that “&” counts as one word just like “and” does. Was that always the case? I want to say no, but I’m probably wrong.

Translation: There was a word count requirement for all of my classes this past semester.

It had its good and bad points. Good: I’ve learned to make my words count, both literally and metaphorically. Bad: It’s frustrating to have to write a paper that’s “x-x” number of words long but you have no page rage to give you a clue of how long it’s supposed to be.

Thank God you can find anything you could ever need (and even more stuff you don’t) on the internet.

And let’s not talk about the deeply emotional screaming fits I had with God (as if He were somehow accessible through my laptop screen) during finals week. For now let’s just say growing into your true vocation though graduate school isn’t always a bed of roses (hardly ever really).

I haven’t felt much like blogging lately. For no other reason than I didn’t want to concern myself with whether I said what I wanted to say, then allowing my eyes to drift to the word counter and wondering if I’d taken too long to say what I wanted to say or didn’t say enough.

So it’s a good thing I set a 1 post a week minimum; because you didn’t notice a difference did you?

I like the opportunity to have 4-5 week intensive classes since it cuts down on the chance that I’ll develop what I’ve come to call “discussion fatigue,” (which usually happens 2 weeks before the semester ends) where all I really want to type, “I have nothing else to contribute to this discussion”, click “submit” and crawl into bed for a good night’s sleep.

The downside is there’s little time for things like writing a blog, unless you wanted to hear about all the uninteresting things about grad school.

I knew my interest in blogging was going to change, partly because it needed to and also because it was time, mostly because it was just time. Some people can hold down full time jobs, personal commitments, travel everywhere their heart desires, and maintain a blog (and maybe have a hobby or two).

I cannot, at least not without risking a psychotic break of some kind.

However I’m certain that all of this is contributing to a bigger picture. I just can’t see what that bigger picture looks like yet. So I have no words to express that any further at this point in time, just my gut.

Although this new-found appreciation for the use of words that doesn’t mean I’m changing course here. Questions for Q&A and Guest Posts are going to be part of the future here (and sooner rather than later, I hope)

So if you’re interested in either of those, get in touch with me.


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