March = Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

For the last few years during the month of March I’ve posted something every day (Monday-Friday) related to CP awareness. I plan on continuing with this tradition, however there will be some previously published (some of it will be updated as well) material thrown in.

It’s come to my attention, thanks to new social media connections, that many people (even people who read this very blog) don’t know very much about CP. I thought I’d start off with some facts about CP so you won’t have to go searching the internet (like I’ve had to do on occasion).

If you’re into infographics more than a list of facts:


And here’s a short list of facts:
-It is estimated that 1 in 500 babies is diagnosed with CP
-Every hour a child is born with CP.
-CP is the most common childhood disability.
-No two cases of CP are exactly alike.
-Individuals with CP use 3-5 times more energy than the average person.
-CP is a lifelong disability.
-Adults have CP too; they’re the kids that grew up.
-There is no known cure or prevention for CP.

*Some info taken from


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