Why Cerebral Palsy?

When I tell people what I do for a living they’re usually inspired or confused, neither reason is my main goal. I educate and advocate for many reasons but inspiration and/or creating confusion aren’t anywhere on the list.

So why do I keep at it if I’m not getting what I want out of it. Honestly I wonder that myself, especially in time when all people seem to want to do is attack me for living my portions of my life out loud and on line.

I will tell you why I shouldn’t end it, not enough is known about Cerebral Palsy and a lot of people with CP are tired of feeling isolated.

There are also numerous miss conceptions about Cerebral Palsy & living with CP.

Things are changing though, thank goodness.

There’s a growing wealth of information (& people) to help dispel the long standing myths of CP.

I do it because it’s not about me, well it is, but it’s not at the same time. I’m part of a community that needs as many voices as it can get to encourage people to take notice.

I devote an entire month to Cerebral Palsy awareness because there are too many people still asking, “What is Cerebral Palsy?”

If you have any questions whether general or specific, whether you have CP or not, please ask. I have a month to fill with posts, at least, so suggestions are more than welcome.

*A similar version of this post first appeared on an old blog on March 3, 2014

2 thoughts on “Why Cerebral Palsy?

  1. I enjoyed reading your posts. I agree with you that there needs to be more disability awareness in the world! There is too much ignorance, and not everywhere is accessible for people in wheelchairs. Keep up the good work!


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