My Daily Diet

You probably shouldn’t even read this post. I didn’t change my diet or habits after my diagnosis. Cerebral Palsy is usually diagnosed in infancy or childhood so most people with CP don’t remember “life before diagnosis.” I was diagnosed around my first birthday, so I’m one of those people.

I also have one of the worst diets on the planet and I have a few food allergies.

I stay away from a lot of dairy due to allergies but I’ve been heard and read that since reflux is a common problem for people with CP it’s not uncommon for a lot of them to remove dairy from their diets regardless of allergies.

I’ve always been on the small side. My family is small, physically speaking, so being of average height and weight was always a long shot anyway. Occasionally I have problems maintaining my weight but it’s never gotten to serious enough to need intervention (which isn’t the case for everyone with CP).

As I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten taken an interest in taking care of myself because I’ve learned from my mistakes and I’ve learned more about CP and aging (although most of it is still unknown).

Last month, Cerebral Palsy awareness month, a picture circulated around the social media, which helps stress the importance of eating well (and enough) and CP.


I know I’ve had a good workout if I’m tired and/or hungry by the end of it. As in I head from the gym straight to some food source, usually an outside source like a restaurant. Now I know why that happens to me and not any of my friends!

I’m taking part in The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge this month (also known as #HAWMC).


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