“I Feel Best When….”

Today I’m supposed to tell you about moments when I feel like I can take on the world; where, when, and how often it happens.

Funny story, I had a conversation very similar to this very question with my mother a few weeks ago. OK, so it’s not much of a story, but you get the point anyway.

I’ve been trying to heal a muscle related injury for over a year now, so there aren’t many days when I feel my best. In fact I tend to get skeptical if I have a day when something isn’t bothering me at all (call me odd if you want) because that usually means the next few days are going to be worse than usual (my body likes to do that).

Swimming is the one time when I consistently feel my best, even when I’m not having the best day in or out of the water, but I think I’ve already talked about that enough. Don’t you think?

I usually feel my best when I’ve accomplished something I’ve been working towards for a while or if it’s something I was told I’d never be able to do (or do again).

I also feel accomplished when I actually complete all the tasks I’d like to in one day.

Usually it takes me a whole week to complete my “to do on Monday” list, if I even make a list. So accomplishing the everyday things is probably the bigger accomplishment for me, especially since it really doesn’t happen that often at all. (How ironic is that?)

I’m taking part in The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge this month (also known as #HAWMC).

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