Life Goals Of A 10 Year Old

What’s one thing that my 10-year old self thought I would do?

I thought I’d be an Olympian. Seriously.

At 10 I thought I had a legitimate chance of making the Olympic Swim team, even though I had never been on a swim team (and haven’t been able to join one, ever). Not too long after that I thought I’d have a better shot at the Equestrian team so that became my goal for a while. Either way Olympian was still on the radar, and in the back of my mind it still is.

Can I still do it?

Olympian. No. That was probably a “no go” from the get go, but I didn’t know the Paralympics was a thing back then. Paralympian? Maybe there’s still a slim possibility, although doubtful. I’d probably have to find a sport with a wide age range since I’m not old, but I’m not exactly young either.

How would I approach it to make it happen?

Believe it or not I’ve actually looked into it. But it looks like I’d have to make some major life changes, like moving and such, and that isn’t really feasible right now (although if someone(s) would be willing to help me out I wouldn’t turn down the assistance at all).

I’m taking part in The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge this month (also known as #HAWMC).


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