Summertime Blues….Maybe

What are three things I’m looking forward to this summer?

Sadly the list is very short, so short I had trouble coming up with three things.

1. Continuing my coursework. I know a lot of people can’t wait to take the summer off but learning year round really helps me keep up on the skills so critical to academic success, critical thinking, effective writing, correct citation format (although I’m almost positive no one gets that last part right 100% of the time). Yeah, I’m a nerd, learn to like it or leave me alone.

2. Warmer weather. I may have grown up with brutal New England winters but that doesn’t mean I’ve come to learn to love them. In fact the older I get, the more I hate them. People keep saying that this winter was particularly brutal but if you ask me winters the last few years have been just as bad as this year’s. I’ve had to throw out a lot of my winter wear in the last week just because of wear and tear throughout the last few years and I have no interest, or time, to go shopping for new clothes now.

3. Relaxation. The summer is going to be the busiest I’ve ever planned, I think. It’s causing me a lot of stress already, and it’s months away, so I’d like to work in so relaxation if at all possible, because if I’m this stressed out now I don’t even want to think about what shape I’ll be in by the end of summer; also if I’m able to stay healthy though all of this that’ll be a huge plus.

I’m taking part in The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge this month (also known as #HAWMC).


2 thoughts on “Summertime Blues….Maybe

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