Fitness Friday

I’m going to let you in on a not so secret secret.

I’m awful when it comes to personal accountability. Unless it has a deadline with consequences it’s not going to happen.

It’s important for people with CP to stretch consistently to decrease spasms and maintain flexibility. I’ve NEVER stretched myself. Any stretching done is done at the gym with the assistance of a trainer now. Before that was by a PT during an appointment or in the hospital.

I know it’s not the best thing for me to not do for myself but “old habits die hard, as they say.”

I’ve gotten better at trying to take care of myself.

I know what I just won’t do, no matter how many lectures I get, so I try and find ways to work around it.

I’ve even gone as far as telling a doctor, PT, etc., that I know I won’t do what they’re suggesting, (no matter how good my intentions are) so they should come up with something else.

The majority don’t typically like this conversation. Isn’t honesty the best policy?

I could probably carry out an exercise routine without a trainer but I know I won’t bother so I keep working with a trainer. Having an appointment stops the “I’ll go later” (and then never going) way of exercising. If I have an appointment I know someone is expecting me to show up.

I typically go to the gym or PT 2-3 times a week for about a half an hour to hour for each session.

The routine gets changed up often to ward off boredom and account for my issues on any given day, like quad strain.

I typically want to go about half of the time.

At least I’m going.

I do feel better than I did when I was consistently exercising , just not enough to have additional motivation (No workout highs happen here, ever).

I wouldn’t say I feel worse if I don’t go to the gym for a while, because when I haven’t gone just getting there would’ve made me feel worse (extreme weather) or I’ve been in such different environments that just being where I was made me feel better than going to the gym by default.

Going back to the gym after some time off is another (somewhat sore) story however.

As for workout advice? Don’t follow my example.

I’m taking part in The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge this month (also known as #HAWMC).

*A similar version of this post was written on April 25, 2014

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