Have A Good Day

What are 5 tips I have for turning a bad day (or not so good day) into a good day?


1.       NetFl!x. Nothing better than a good binge watch of anything and everything you can get your hands on. This is more of a lay low and wallow technique but it can also turn a bad day into a good day, because if you’re anything like me sometimes you just have to turn a bad day into a chill out day.

2.       Don’t keep your bad day to yourself. I’m not implying that you should spread your bad day around but be honest with people and tell them you’re having a bad day (especially if you work in close quarters with people). That way they can try to help you avoid other bad day triggers that’ll just make things worse.

3.       Time management. I’m the worst at managing my own time, but if you give me a group to organize I become so type-A people want to have me committed. Most of the time when I’m having a bad day it’s a result of slacking time management. I can’t fix all of my mistakes in one day but I can often make myself feel better if I take a day, or the portion of a day, and take care of something that needs to get done.

4.       Venting. This is different than #2. Whenever I’m having a really bad day I usually call a cousin or close friend when I’m at my wits end and just vent. Usually what happens it whoever I’m talking to can make me see how ridiculous the situation it and makes me laugh about it.

5.       Remembering tomorrow will probably be better. Not to get all Scarlett O’Hara (or Annie) on people but tomorrow is another day and if you think of it like “tomorrow can’t get any worse than this” then the next day will be better than the day before.

What do you do to turn a bad day around?

I’m taking part in The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge this month (also known as #HAWMC).


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