All About That Botox

I’m not the biggest fan of Botox injections. It’s not because of the needles or even the insurance battles, although neither of those helps matters.

For me, Botox is like a popular movie or fad; it’s never lived up to the praise or expectations.

Thankfully my doctor feels the same way, at least in terms of using Botox as a treatment option for me.

However last year we agreed (he suggested while I rolled my eyes) to try another round of Botox injections. Maybe I didn’t need them on a regular basis but once a year would be good enough to keep the potential for more serious issues at bay.

I thought I had a “get out of jail free card” in the form of scheduling issues which just wouldn’t work with insurance requirements. However since my insurance had changed in the last year there were no such requirements to coordinate with my schedule.

Less than 5 minutes later I was getting Botox injections. I went with it, but I kept my expectations low, as in bargain basement prices sort of low.

But it worked, if we’re talking about if the intended goals were met.

I sat through 3 hours of class for 5 days straight with minimal discomfort. Because who can sit that long in class and be perfectly content for the entire thing? But I think we can blame lack of sleep for the discomfort, because who can be perfectly content when overtired?

I kept up with my classmates and managed to stay, fairly, well rested without much difficulty. And honestly that last part can be difficult to achieve even during my regular schedule, or at least as regular as my schedule gets.

So we agreed to revisit the “summer Botox only” once summer got closer.

Because my goals for summer are a lot more direct, in a sense, than during the rest of the year. And if something goes “less than ideal” then I have a more ideal compensation plan (aka long periods of sitting).

Knowing my fondness for Botox injections I also inquired about doing trigger point injections as well (because my track record with those is great too so why not ask for more unpredictable factors that just might not work out so well).

Although it should be noted that sometimes an injection of Botox “doubles” as a trigger point injection if the point of injection for Botox is in a trigger point, or something like that.

I hate the maintenance that Botox requires, however I’m hating having trigger points just as much so yes I did ask to be stuck with a fairly large (for the needle-phobic, anyway) needle more.

However I think if we were to rid my legs of every trigger point at one time I probably wouldn’t be able to stand up, but don’t quote me on that one (because anything is possible, or not).

Things have worked pretty well this summer too.

The bigger problem was having a morning class & an afternoon class, both requiring lengthy and heavy reading. The more tired I got, the more uncomfortable I got, which is pretty par for the course regardless of the situation.

People often ask me what I think about Botox injections as a treatment option for managing Cerebral Palsy and I always struggle with how to answer without worrying that I’ll sway someone’s opinion (especially if they’re acting on behalf of someone else). Botox works great for some people and that’s great for them. But for me it’s always a roll of the dice, at least we’ve found one situation when it can be beneficial.

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