An Obligatory Advent Post

Recently I asked my dear friend Tiffany if she had any ideas for blog topics. With Advent around the corner she suggested “Advent prep?” Which I quickly replied, “I have that covered.”

Well the joke’s on me, because I don’t. I mean I did, but if you were to go back and read what I’ve posted on a previous blog during previous years, well, it just doesn’t work anymore.

Add in the facts that the semester is almost over and I can’t stand the Christmas season starting before Halloween and I’m at “Christmas burnout” around the 1st week of November.

I put up with it, begrudgingly, but I certainly don’t like it and make every attempt to avoid anything out of my comfort zone.

Yes, I’m the person who says “No thanks” to office Secret Santa projects and grab bags because I can’t pull it together to buy a gift for someone else, not even with the benefit of online shopping.

I’m the person who says they may attend the work Christmas party and then back out, sometimes at the last minute.

I can’t deal with any of it; I don’t even want to try to.

I’m more of an introvert by nature, but the holidays make me want to crawl into a hole and never come out.

That being said I will tell you that I like the time of Advent, not as much as I like the Christmas Octave, but still. I like the idea behind it and I wish more people took it more seriously, yes even non-Christians, even just for the sake of Christians.

We all complain that the world is moving too fast, yet we buy into it.

If you want the world to slow down, slow down your world.

Maybe others will catch on.

I hope things reach a tipping point and we won’t be watching White Christmas while waiting for tick-or-treaters.

PS. If you’re looking for a good talk about Advent Greg & Jennifer Willits recorded one of their talks as a “podcast extra.”



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