Grad School: The 2nd Fall Semester

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was looking forward to this past semester more than most, even if it was just by a little bit more than usual. I’ve completed some sections of my degree program that I never have to take again, unless I want to. Doctrine isn’t one of my strong subjects, for example.

But it’s behind me now, so it’s time to celebrate (or at least take a well overdue nap).

It wasn’t a stress free semester but I seemed to have a better handle on things than last year. A benefit of having more than a year of study under my belt I guess. There weren’t as many late nights as other semesters, but it wasn’t because my time management skills have improved. In fact I think it’s the opposite.

I think this past summer served as a good training ground for quick thinking and juggling multiple deadlines without getting confused, or at least not so confused that I couldn’t find my way out.

This semester hasn’t been without its share of disappointment either. I thought having a few semesters under my belt would mean I would have a greater sense of community with my classmates since we are such a small group. Instead I’m meeting more new people than continuing to build relationships with people I already know something about. It’s not a big deal, but slightly disappointing none the less.

I’ve also been busier this semester, with non-school or work related activities, than before so maybe that had something to do with it. I think Lucille Ball once said, “If you want something done get a busy person to do it,” maybe there’s some truth in that no matter who said it.

I’m also grateful for the small break I gave myself this year. It was nice to have some personal time. It’s amazing how many books I can get read and TV shows I can watch even with slightly limited resources.

I thought it would take me months to get through the backlog I had going on Netfl!x. It took a few weeks, if that.

I feel like this past semester was a turning point of sorts for my studies and for my life in general. Yes, the spirit of transition is alive and well practically every day. It’s not always pleasant to wake up to but it’s always there so I’m taking it in stride, or at least trying my best to.

I’m driving into the next semester (and preparing for the summer, yes already). Not because I’m 100% ready, but because the opportunity is here, right here right now.


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