Illness & Cerebral Palsy

Contrary to popular belief many people with Cerebral Palsy do live healthy lives. However, we are not immune to the everyday illnesses that effect everyone else. When we do get sick it can be a challenge, as I was reminded thanks to Tw!tter.


I can’t speak for everyone but what floors me about getting sick and having Cerebral Palsy is managing all the symptoms of both.

Spasticity needs to be kept in check and do the ill effects of a cold.

The medications to manage both are not compatible, at least not in my case.

So what are you to do?

I have to choose the bigger battle hoping that it won’t turn into a full-blown war.

Sleep is the biggest help for me when it comes to getting over a cold. However, it’s hard to sleep with spastic muscles on any given day.

Also illness or pain (and a host of other things) can make spasticity worse. Again, quite the conundrum.

Usually I opt for the medications to rid myself of whatever temporally illness has taken hold of my body, because I have a history of colds turning into something bigger and harder to get rid of, if I don’t nip it in the butt ASAP.

I then try and hunker down as much as possible keeping outings to a minimum, and ride things out.

It takes roughly 7-10 days for a cold to run its course. It takes just as long for my spasticity to get back to its “normal” level.

So you can say it takes two to two and a half weeks to get over a cold and its aftermath.

Having a cold can suck for anybody. Having a cold and CP can knock you on your ass, sometimes literally if a sneeze and a spasm occur at the same time or within close proximity to each other.


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