What Is Cerebral Palsy Anyway: A Review

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month is drawing to a close. Tomorrow focus will shift to other topics, diseases, and getting taxes done (among other things). To be honest I can’t wait, every year I think blogging for so long on one topic I know so well will be easier than the year before. It doesn’t get easier; it just gets different.

This month didn’t go how I thought it would. But when does my life go exactly how I planned? So there wasn’t as much new content as I had planned on nor did I cover all the topics I wanted to but I had plenty of content to repost, and I have a few ideas to develop for later on.

The month may be over but that doesn’t mean Cerebral Palsy goes away until next March. It still effects people every day so the need for greater awareness should happen every day. So I’ll still be here doing my part and hoping you’ll do the same.

If you have any questions or topic suggestions, please be in touch. I try to cover a variety of topics as efficiently as possible but sometimes I don’t cover something as much as someone would like, or I miss it totally.

This Month’s Posts:

What Is Cerebral Palsy Anyway?
End The Word
Put A Label On It
What The GMFCS?
SDR: Thoughts Almost 30 Years Later
Why I: Use A Wheelchair
Wheels Of Their Own
Being Special
The Letters
From Here To There
Standing Is Stupid
Let’s Get Spiritual
It’s Not Easy Being Green
Of Malpractice & Men
Practice Makes Almost Perfect
Things That Go Jump In The Night
No Hope For A Cure
The Difference Between Want & Can
Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day
Suffering, Cerebral Palsy & The Media
Illness & Cerebral Palsy
Thoughts On Doctors

Relevant Posts From Last Year:
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6 thoughts on “What Is Cerebral Palsy Anyway: A Review

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