If I Had A Superpower

I’m not a “super hero person” (a good portion of CNMC people just hung their heads in shame on my behalf), although I am a Batman fan, but that’s about it.

I’m not one to lay awake at night and think about the possibilities of super powers and what I would do if I had one.

BUT if I had to decide on a superpower it would be Bilocation (the ultimate Catholic superpower).

At first I thought mind reading would be a GREAT superpower but I think knowing other people’s thought all the time would make me a basket case so I’d much rather settle for something more useful (relatively speaking, of course).

I’d really like to be able to be in two places at once (sometimes three).

I have 3 jobs.

1 that pays the bills, 1 that I hope will pay the bills eventually so I can quit the other job, and grad school.

It’s all far more than I bargained for (and yet I have another project in mind which could mean 4 jobs). But I don’t see “dropping” one as an option. It’s possible, but not preferable so I won’t be quitting any of it any time soon, unless something drastic and amazing happens.

As much as I have going on I could always do more; which is why bi-locating would be so helpful.

Not to mention that I wouldn’t have to book any more flights or navigate a new airport in a wheelchair (as fun as those processes are).

I wouldn’t have to worry about planning my life around homework, or I could sleep and do homework at the same time. How awesome would that be? It’s pretty much my ideal right now.

It would also be nice to be able to attend classes on campus (instead of online) without having to pick up and move. I’d probably feel like I was doing better in class too, so far I’m doing well, but something’s just not clicking for me. And to think I used to envy online learners, excuse me while I pry my foot out of my mouth.

I would also be able to take part in more “career growing” related activities; thus eliminating the need for that 1st job that pays the bills.

Come to think of it I would have the time (& money) to be in school full time; thus giving myself an actual projected graduation date. How nice would that be?

If I were able to bi-locate I could probably stop wishing for that 8th day of the week too.

Maybe having a superpower wouldn’t be so bad after all……..

*A similar version of this post was written on April 5, 2014

I’m participating in WEGO Health’s Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge. If you want to find out more about Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge visit their blog, Facebook, Twitter. You can find more posts by searching #HAWMC.


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