Hump Day

I need a vacation, like most people. The problem is, if you want to call it a problem, whenever I’m asked for my ideal vacation I have different answers. Now if I have a day off that’s a different story. It’s never a day off, it’s a day off from an aspect of my life and a day to catch up on everything else, or at least as much as I can catch up on.

So let’s see what I come up with if I had an ideal day off.

Would you go somewhere?
If I had a day to do anything I wanted without having to worry about my energy levels the next day I would go to the LLBean headquarters.

Who would you spend it with?
I would spend the day with whoever would want to come with me, although I’d love to go with my best friends, especially since one of them has never been there before.

Have you had this day?
I have had something close to this type of day on a few occasions. I always have so much fun I wouldn’t mind doing it more often.

If not – how could you make it happen?
It would be nice to have the free time for this day to happen.

I’m participating in WEGO Health’s Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge. If you want to find out more about Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge visit their blog, Facebook, Twitter. You can find more posts by searching #HAWMC.


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