June: The Recap

What can I say about June?

I thought it was my first summer without a class schedule. I guess it’s possible to completely forget about an entire three-month period because that’s exactly what happened. If you asked me two years ago what I hoped I’d be doing now the last think I probably would have said is, “be taking classes.”

Right now, that’s all I want to be doing.

Because God’s a comedian.

So, what has the month looked like for me as a normal person?

Not much is different on the work or sports fronts, so I’ll skip to other stuff.

Reading: I’ve discovered the joy that is K!ndle Unlimited. I’ve read a lot about people who have either gotten lost at sea or decided to sell everything and sail to various points around the world.

Travel: Flights to Australia and New Zealand are cheaper than I would have guessed they’d be.

Podcasts: I haven’t recorded any new episodes and there’s nothing in the works to start up again, at least not at this point. I have been listening to more podcasts, Catholics of Oz, Raising The Betts, and St Dymphna’s Playbook are my newest additions. Sean’s back in production with Just A Catholic Dad, and I’m loving it.

In the Netfl!x department: I caught up on The Casketeers and watched Dead To Me in one day. Both could be viewed as pretty morbid, but I enjoyed them both in their own ways. The Casketeers made want to see how much a fight to Auckland would be. I’m curious to see what season 2 of Dead To Me will look like because I think it could have been a one and done series. I started watching A Wrinkle In Time but keep stopping it. I don’t want the movie to wreck the book for me, I think.

Books: I’m cleaning out the mounds of books I’ve accumulated over the years. I’m not getting rid of as many books as I would like to or thought I would I thought I’d end up with 2 piles “keep” and “donate.” Instead it looks like I’ll have at least 3 piles “keep,” “donate,” and “haven’t read yet.” It turns out there’s a pretty big pile of books I’ve accumulated that I never got around to reading. I’m not sure I want to at this point, but I might as well while they’re still in my possession. Maybe something will spark me.

Blogging: It’s pretty obvious that I’ve slowed down my own substantially in the last few months, but my reading of other people’s blogs has picked up. Most of them are written by celebrities, at least allegedly, as much as I’m enjoying reading them, I think I like the inner workings of “normal people” more.

Health and Fitness: The month ended with a bang, or rather a pinch. A pinched a neve in my neck, we think. I did the same thing during college and I was told it would likely reoccur often so making it over a decade before a 1st re-occurrence is an accomplishment, although a weird one.

Onward to July……..