The Roll Call

What is “The Roll Call”? Way back when, I had the idea to be bolder in my writing, to “out myself” as someone living with a disability, and maybe even go as far as to name it, to make it official. But I wanted to see what was out there before I committed to anything at all. I didn’t find what I was expecting to find but I did find a lot scattered all over the place. So I wanted to create a “one stop shop” for anyone looking for blogs (and/or vlogs) related to Cerebral Palsy.

Latest Additions will appear in BOLD print

A Life Less Ordinary

A.J’s Awesome Adventures

A Place To Write Things

A T-Rex Life (Videos)

A T-Rex Life: Cerebral Palsy And Me

About The Small Stuff

Adapted World

Adventures In Mattyland

Adventures Of Little Dude & Peanut

Alena Brand (Videos)

Amazing Amelia

Amazing Syafiah & Co

An Effervescent Soul and Spirit Trapped Inside A Confined Body


And The Wheels Keep Turning

Andersen Family Blog

As We Seek, So Shall We Find

Ayla’s Rainbow Connection

Barbie Feet

Better Than Normal

Bird On The Street

Brace Yourself Declan

Brendan’s Life With Cerebral Palsy

Brielle and Me

Bringing The Sunshine

Caleigh’s Corner


Casey Mercer (Videos)

Cerebral Palsy Baby

Cerebral Palsy Daily Living

Cerebral Palsy Family

Cerebral Palsy Mamma

Cerebral Palsy Soccer

Coley’s Corner

Count The Headlights On The Highway

CP Shoes

Cracks In The Pavement

Crip Video Productions

Dealing With My Life With CP

disABLED guy

Do It Myself Blog-Glenda Watson Hyatt

Drake And Lulu

EMDeerx Muse

Endless Jubilee

Faith, Hope & Lovebugs

Finding My Way: Journey Of An Uppity Intellectual Activist Crip

Fit With CP

Following Elias

Free As Trees

Fully Aware


Half Dozen Scrambled

Hannah’s Adventures of Living Her Dreams


Hedgehog Blog: Riley’s Mommy Walks Funny

Henry’s Heroes

Hey Dad

How Life Happens

I Heart Milo

I Will Skate

In Bloom

In My Eyes: Life With Cerebral Palsy

In The Words Of A Green Giraffe

Insights From The Sidelines

Isla’s Journey

Jake Olver (Videos)

Jentry Holthus (Videos)

John W. Quinn (Videos)

Journey With CP (Videos)

Jude, The Diary Of A Baby and A Stroke

Jump In For James

Just The Tip

Kaitlyn’s News- Living A Happy Life With Cerebral Palsy

Katherine Hayward, My Life With Cerebral Palsy

Kelsey Can

Kendall’s Hope

Kristen’s Life With Cerebral Palsy

Laura’s Corner

Lieck Triplets

Life And Family, Steve Wampler Is Living With Cerebral Palsy

Life and Times of A Teenager With Disabilities

Life In Holland

Life, Interrupted

Life On Four Wheels

Life With The Loraines

Little Green Pastures

Living My CP Life (videos)

Love That Max

Making My Mark

Mama Lewis

Mark Henry


Mattes’s Madness

Micro Preemie Twins: The Story Of Holland & Eden

Miss Charlie

Missy’s CP Journey

Mom With Cerebral Palsy


My Angel Has Cerebral Palsy

My (dis)Abled Life

My Life With CP (Videos)

My Spelling Sucks

My Walk Of Grace

Nich Vaughan

No Superhero

Off Balanced

One Day At A Time

Our Journey: To Ukraine and Back

Our 3 Little Miracles

Outrageous Fortune

Painting For Hailey

Parenting Outside The Lines

Premeditations: Reflections On Preemie Parenting

Riley’s Smile

Rob J. Quinn

Ryn Tale’s Book Of Days

Sammy’s Walk Through Life

Smith’s Holiday Road

So… How Did You Break Your Leg Then?

Spashionista Report

Special Momma

Special Parent Voice

Stephanie Torreno

Stories With Sam

Team Aidan

Teen Cerebral Palsy

Terrible Palsy

That Crazy Crippled Chick

The Beautiful Side Of Hectic

The Blessing Counter

The CP Diary

The Deal With Disability

The Fabulous Adventures of a Four-Legged Woman

The Galli-ringo Family

The Girl In The Wheelchair

The Grappler Within

The Hartley Hooligans

The Hameloth Family Journey

The Henry Family, Since 1997

The Johnson Journals

The Matthews Family

The Nest

The Owens Family

The Rogers Neighborhood (Videos)

The Taylor Family Blogspot

The Walk

The Writer

Three Chocolate Brownies

To Hear Her Own Voice

Toadal Lift

Tonia Says

Training With Cerebral Palsy

Transcending CP: Shattering The Limits Of A Disability

Trailblazing With CP

Trousdell Five

Tutti Frutti

Twingle Mommy

Unexpected Lessons

Updates on Lewis Jack

Verses Of Vaughan

Victor’s Smile

View From A Walking Frame

Weird Ricky (Videos)

Welcome Blessings

Welcome To Elijahland

Wherever He Leads We’ll Go

Writer In A Wheelchair

Zachary Fenell (Videos)

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